In 2006, LCBO employees voted for a new union. They chose OPSEU – the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

LCBO employees wanted a union that could do more. OPSEU offers:

• 19 fully-staffed regional offices;
• a staff of 300 people, including specialists in bargaining, grievance-handling, pensions, benefits, health and safety, human rights, and more;
• office space and equipment for OPSEU locals at regional offices and at 12 membership centres;
• tons of experience in mobilizing union members to get what they need; and
• a strong voice at local labour councils and in larger labour bodies.

In OPSEU, locals have more money and more responsibility than in the OLBEU model. OPSEU locals can do more on their own, and they have more influence on central activities. In OPSEU’s democracy, locals hold the keys to power.

In terms of support, OPSEU divisions and sectors help locals with issues in common to coordinate their activities right across the province. OPSEU regions support locals by geographic area, and give locals influence and access at the Executive Board.

OPSEU groups its locals into seven regions, shown here. In addition to head office and 19 fully staffed and equipped regional office, the union operates 11 membership centres around the province, where locals can get access to computers, phone lines, fax machines, and meeting space for union business.

OPSEU divides Ontario into regions for two reasons: to create a democratic framework for the union, and to bring resources closer to the Locals. The first digit of a Local number tells which region it is in: Local 123 is in Region 1 and Local 654 is in Region 6.

As one of Canada”s leading democratic labour organizations, OPSEU recognizes the value that diversity brings into its organization. We are on the frontlines of Ontario”s rapidly changing demographics, as reflected in our membership, and our staff. It is within these demographic changes that OPSEU will continue to embrace diversity as a core organizational value. We are improving our systems, and generating fresh opportunities to strengthen our connections with diverse groups from across Ontario. Together with our social justice allies, we will celebrate collective diversity wins to nurture sustainable partnerships.