Liquor Board Employees Division

The first LCBO employee organization organized itself as a social organization in 1944. This group had no legal standing, collective agreement nor the ability to change working conditions. For the most part this association functioned as a social group with many of the members arriving from the ranks of management. The association produced a newsletter in conjunction with management.

However, the group did very little in the way of advocating for the rights of those who worked at the LCBO. Almost a decade later, in 1953, the association began discussing workplace matters and formed what would become the LCBO’s first full-fledged union. In 1968 the workers of the LCBO had their first member-controlled newsletter and negotiated their first collective agreement. The union would come to be known as the Ontario Liquor Boards Employees Union (OLBEU).

Due to a great deal of pressure to privatize the LCBO by private interests and the Harris government, current chair John Coons felt that the independent OLBEU union would be better off under the wing of a larger union, one with strike and privatization experience. OBLEU was approached by a number of large unions and the members of OBLEU voted to merge with OPSEU.

Subsequently, in 2005, OLBEU would come to be known as the Liquor Board Employee Division under OPSEU.