OPSEU has about 130,000 members across Ontario.

They are full- and part-time workers, men and women, younger and older. They trace their ancestry to all corners of the globe – as diverse a group as you could imagine. They work for the Ontario government, for community colleges, for the Ontario Liquor Board, and for a wide range of community agencies in the broader public service.

You will find OPSEU members in hospitals, services for families and children, art galleries, ambulance services, school boards, municipal offices, mental health services, correctional services and more.
What they share in common is the power of working together.

Working together, we can make the changes OPSEU members want.
Working together, we can share experiences and expertise and visions for a better future.
Working together, we can deliver results in our workplaces, in our communities, and in the wider world.

OPSEU Local 5110

After the vote was taken to join OPSEU, Valerie Daughton became the first president of OPSEU Local 5110 from 2005-2011.

From there, the Local was able to form various committees which Daughton became a part of, such as the Benefits and Pension Committee, (EAP) Employee Assistance Program Committee as well as becoming an OPSEU Mobilizer.

The Local has been growing ever since.