President’s Message

As President for the past two years, it has been a privilege to represent the members of OPSEU Local 5110.

It is my job to oversee the function of the LEC and the Local, keep the union visible in the workplace and encourage labour activism. I have a responsibility and commitment to provide support for those who have felt they have been wronged in some way or by some process at their workplace. It is important for all employees of the LCBO to adhere to the articles in the collective agreement and in turn make the workplace a safe and commendable atmosphere. It is imperative that we all have a workplace that recognizes and respects our rights as workers.

In 2015 we have taken steps to improve our accessibility and build better communication and, by doing so, provide an opportunity to better serve our members. Going forward we hope this will help us advocate for improvements and keep us connected with the membership. Feedback is not just welcomed but encouraged, so that we can work towards building a strong and united Local.

Together we can make 2015 a great year.

Please take this time to register in our members’ section, where you will have access to members-only information, union forms and important documents, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and other important members-only updates. You can also follow us on our social media pages, whose links are located in the top left hand corner of the page, and stay up-to-date with union information and news.

In Solidarity,
President Debbie Mcguinness

A Message from the Chair of the Liquor Board Employee Division of OPSEU

Dear Local 5110 members,

It is very exciting to see the new Local 5110 website launched. It looks fantastic, it’s easy to navigate through and I send my biggest congratulations to all of you.

I must commend your Local Executive for their endless hard work to gather educational and relevant valuable information for you, to share information with you regarding the history of the LCBO members within the old union, the “Ontario Liquor Board Employee Union” (OLBEU) and how the Local fits in with the “Liquor Board Employee’s Division” of OPSEU.

We all know that it is sometimes difficult to take time to connect with one another due to busy schedules, work, and spending much needed time with our families, and sometimes we do not have a lot of time to connect with the Union. However, this hasn’t stopped your Local Executive from following through with their commitment to keeping you, the members, informed and in the loop. In fact, they have taken communication to the next level. This website is focused on bringing members together by giving you valuable contact information for the Local Executive, valuable links that will connect you to the OPSEU website, the LBED Divisional newsletter, “The Echo,” and the Labour family within Ontario, such as the Labour Councils, Canadian Labour Congress and the National Union of Canada (NUPGE).

The Local Executive can make the sharing of information with you simple and effective if you contact them with your suggestions on what you would like to have posted.
Keep the information flowing: knowledge is power, communication is power!

In Solidarity,
Denise Davis
Liquor Board Employee Division of OPSEU – Chair

Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to our website! I’m sure that you have had a chance to explore it by now.

Here are some of the key items we would like to highlight on our website:

• With our new SmarterMail Webmail, you can sign up for an OPSEU 5110 personal email address. It is a secure and private service that will enable you to communicate with your membership with your own distinct I.D.

• Our monthly themes will reflect what’s going on within our community. We will use our monthly themes to highlight social justice issues that are of concern to our Local.

• Our “Stewards Tool Box,” located in the members’ section, is where you will find important forms and documents pertaining to your union Local that you can access and print straight from home.

• Our interactive Collective Bargaining Agreement is now online. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate with clickable links and a built in search function to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

• Please find links to our social media pages in the top left hand corner. You can “Like” and “Follow” us to stay up to date with current news and events.

Please help us spread the word about our new website. We have worked extremely hard to streamline information on this website in the most accessible way possible for you, our members.

We appreciate and encourage all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

In Sol,
Your Local 5110 Executive